29 Settembre 2023


code: Upper - Homelifts
Lifting platform without cabin for the transportation of persons and things in compliance with the requirements of the standard of law 13/89 for the removal of architectural barriers. The particularity of the Upper which makes it unique is the reduced space needed at the head H 1300, allowing its installations even where the space is minimum. Arriving in the attic area is not going to be a problem anymore. The mechanics (guides, piston, etc.) located at one side of the platform, are not visible to the eye because they are hidden by a protective case covering the shaft. The project characteristics enable its use also to persons with reduced mobility. Other than installations for masonry or concrete shafts, we also provide shafts as structures in steel, stainless steel or aluminium for the inside/outside of the building (in this case it´s not possible to have the "gate" solution but instead it should be provided with a closed structure with a min. head of 2300 mm). The Upper manoeuvre is always at constant pressure control (the button must be pressed for the entire duration of the travel) for both the platforms and from the floors.

Technical specifications

capacity [Kg]: 300
max. travel [m]: 10
min. pit depth [mm]: 130
max speed [m/s]: 0,15
nominal power consumption [Kw]: 1,5
power supply [V]: 230
certifications: CE
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