17 Novembre 2019



code: Energy - Lifts
Electrical lift in which you will find all EP´s latest technology, in compliance with the requirements of the standard of law 13/89 for the removal of architectural barriers. ENERGY uses single-phase voltage 230V, with a minimum energy consumption and a reduced environmental impact. ENERGY consumption is as those of a regular home appliance and the user is not forced to increase the power of its domestic electrical system for the lift installation. A very effective battery system allows the lift to continue to operate normally in the event of a power failure. With ENERGY the trapped passenger risk is eliminated, the functioning is guaranteed for another 100 continuous travels in the event of power failure before the lift finishes the batteries. Furthermore ENERGY is characterized for the machine roomless space efficiencies. The traction technology inside the shaft and the control panel can be installed near to a landing door or placed in a near area so in this way there´s no need to build expensive machine room. Other than concrete or masonry shafts there is also the possibility of steel, aluminum or stainless steel shafts, which allow installations inside or outside the building.

Technical specifications

capacity [Kg]: up to 630
max run [m]: 20
min pit depth [mm]: 260/1100
min headroom [mm]: 2800/3300
speed [m/s]: 0,5
power consumption [Kw]: 0,55
power supply [V]: 230
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