08 Dicembre 2023


code: Elfo - Homelifts
Lift platform with cabin for the transportation of persons and things in compliance with the requirements of the standard of law 13/89 for the removal of architectural barriers. It's a customizable product, it adapts to any kind of shafts and can be installed in all types of buildings, whether it's in the inside or the outside. ELFO's platform requires very low pit (13 cm) avoiding the necessity of expensive masonry work. ELFO can be provided with metal structure in powder coated RAL, aluminium or stainless steel, to be installed either inside or outside the building. The great flexibility and the care for aesthetical makes ELFO a truly interior design object, these characteristics make it the ideal solution for domestic installations, offices, commercial activities and single units.

The Elfo manoeuvre to the floors is always automatic. Instead the manoeuvre from the cabin is automatic when the cabin doors are closed while it is constant pressure controlled (continuous pressure of the button during the travel) when there are no cabin doors or these are kept open.

Technical specifications

capacity [Kg]: 300/400/500/750/1000
maximum travel [m]: 18
minimum pit depth [mm]: 130/200
maximum speed [m/s]: 0,15
nominal power [Kw]: 1,5 (300Kg)
power supply [V]: 230/380
certificates: IMQ
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