27 Gennaio 2023

E.P. Elevatori Premontati srl Show Room Brisbane

28-11-2018 16:03 - News Generiche
Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020
Action 3.4.2

The company E.P. Elevatori Premontati through this project completes the internationalization project already started with the investment in the Australian market, further expanding its opportunities in this market.
The project has allowed the opening of a new show room in the Australian City of Brisbane, expanding its presence in the Australian territory and the activation of a consultancy specializing in tax and customs aspects related to exports on this market.
Lastly, in 2017 the company EP also took part in the International fair "Interlift" in Augsburg, and then realized an event for the opening of the new show room in Italy at the Vecchiano site.

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