08 Dicembre 2023


code: Atlantis - Lifts
Hydro mechanical lift in compliance with the requirements of the standard of prescription 13/89 for the transportation of persons and goods, for the removal of architectural barriers. Versatile and elegant, ATLANTIS adapts with facility to new building installations and already existing buildings. Thanks to its overall dimensions the space requirements for installation in shafts with reduced space is possible and in addition it can be supplied with a lift shaft. ATLANTIS is the best solution among high load capacity lifts suitable also for goods transportation. In this case it´s possible to supply the cabin with particular details, bumper safety gear, steel flooring and reinforced borders for concentrated loads, etc. Other than concrete, masonry or block shafts, we have available steel, aluminium and stainless steel shafts that allow installations whether it is inside or outside the building.

Technical specifications

capacity [Kg]: up to 1000
max run [m]: 20
min. pit depth [mm]: 1160
min headroom [mm]: 3300
speed [m/s]:0,5/0,6
power supply [V]: 380
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